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Brother Bear

ブラザー・ベア [Burazā Bea]

브라자베어 [Beulaja Beeo]

Brother Bear

ブラザー・ベア [Burazā Bea]

브라자베어 [Beulaja Beeo]

Basic Information
Gender Male
Family *Papa Bear (Father)
First appearance The Big Honey Hunt
Voice(s) Jonathan Lewis (1979)
Knowl Johnson (1981)
David Mendenhall (1985)
Mona Marshall (1993)
Michael Cera (2002)
Michael D'Ascenzo (2003)

Brother Bear {🇯🇵Japanese:ブラザー・ベア [Burazā Bea] 🇰🇷Korean/윌리엄:브라자베어 [Beulaja Beeo]} (originally known as Small Bear) is one of the main characters of the Berenstain Bears series. He is Papa Bear and Mama Bear's eldest child, and Sister Bear's older brother by 2 to 5 years.[1] He is officially 10 years old and in the fifth grade. In the Berenstain Bears Big Chapter Books series, he has an on again and off again girlfriend. Her name Bonnie Brown, she is the rich niece of the rich Squire Grizzly.

Character conception:

Brother made his first appearance in the very first Berenstain Bears book, The Big Honey Hunt, in 1962. He was originally named "Small Bear" until Sister Bear was introduced in The Berenstain Bears’ New Baby in 1974.


He is very sports-minded, with his favorite being soccer. He'd sometimes usually always stripping his entire clothes off, before hangging out swimming & splahing around the at any peaceful quiet watery landscape place lakes/ponds with the other friendly cubs including Cousin Freddy Bear as well on every Friday, Saturday, & Sunday afternoon to evening before dinner when they looked out each other carefully.

He is also a big fan of T. Rex dinosaurs, model airplane building, and "wheels" of all kinds.  Brother is computer literate and into video games. He often acts as protector and stands up for Sister and the smaller cubs at school. - from the official Berenstain Bears website

Character design:

Brother's usual outfit consists of a red collared shirt and blue pants. His costumes and other attire are often predominantly red (like his devil costume in Trick or Treat) He usually wears a red/white swimpants.


  1. "'Five going on six!' said Sister. Brother was eight and it annoyed her that however old she got, she never caught up with him." Berenstain, Jan and Stan Berenstain (1986). The Berenstain Bears and Too -Much Birthday. New York: Random House. ISBN 03948733327.