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Papa Q. Bear (Father)
Mama Bear (Mother)
Sister Bear (younger sister)
Honey Bear (younger sister)
Fred Bear (Cousin/[Papa's family side/classmate])
Gran Bear (Grandmother)
Grandpa Bear (Grandfather)
Dottie (Aunt/[Papa's family side])
Artie (Uncle/[Papa's family side])
Sylverster (Cousin/[Mama's family side])
Cousin Penelope (Cousin/[Mama's family side])


1993 (2003 Series)


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First Appearance

The Big Honey Hunt


Jonathan Lewis (1979)
Knowl Johnson (1981)
David Mendenhall (1985)
Mona Marshall (1993)
Lani Minella (1999)
Robbie Motai (1999)
Mark Engberg (1999)
Michael Cera (2002)
Michael D'Ascenzo (2003)

Brother Bear (originally known as Small Bear) is one of the main characters of the Berenstain Bears series. He is Papa Bear and Mama Bear's eldest child, and Sister Bear's older brother by two years. He is officially 10 years old and in the fifth grade. In the Berenstain Bears Big Chapter Books series, he has an on-and-off girlfriend. Her name is Bonnie Brown, she is the rich niece of the rich Squire Grizzly.


He loves sports and is a big fan of T. Rex dinosaurs, building model airplanes, and "wheels" of all kinds. Brother is computer literate and into video games. He often acts as protector and stands up for Sister and the other smaller cubs at school. - from the official Berenstain Bears website

Character conception

Brother made his first appearance in the very first Berenstain Bears book, The Big Honey Hunt, in 1962. He was named "Small Bear" until Sister Bear was introduced in The Berenstain Bears’ New Baby in 1974.

Brother's usual outfit consists of a red collared shirt and blue pants. His costumes and other attire are often predominantly red (like his devil costume in Trick or Treat. He is the only member of the Bear family who does not have any changes to his outfit in the TV show. He is also the only character in the 2002 show to have an actor change. Originally, Michael Cera voiced the character in the first twenty-six episodes. After Cera outgrew the role due to puberty, Michael D'Ascenzo was given the role.


  • Berenstain Bears Easter Special


(Family member)

*Cousin Freddy Bear

One of Brother Bears best friends.

(Brother's old animal friends):

*Brad (the male badger)

*Bill (the male bunny)

*Clarice (the female deer)

*Felica (the female Fox)

*Rachel (the female Raccoon)

*Roberto & Robyn (Rabbits)

*Oddette (The otter)