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Cousin Freddy Bear
Cousin Freddy Bear.







Cousin Frederick Bear is referred to as Cousin Fred or Freddie. He is Sister and Brother's cousin and the nephew of Mama and Papa. He is in Brother's fifth grade class. Despite being Brother and Sister’s cousin, many of the cubs at school have referred to him as ‘’Cousin Fred’’.


Cousin Fred's usual outfit is a green long-sleeved shirt, purple pants, and small rimmed glasses.


Brother and Sister's cousin and a friend, frequently known as Cousin Freddy. His mother, Dottie, is Papa Bear's sister-in-law. In the episode, Family Get-Together, it is mentioned that Cousin Fred is from Papa's side of the family.

He appeared in both the 1985 cartoon, and the 2003 cartoon, as well as some of the books.​ He is known to read the dictionary for fun in his spare time. He is also very smart for his age, but nowhere near as smart as Ferdy Factual or Trudy Brunowitz.

His father, Artie and Papa Bear are brothers. He owns a hound dog named Snuff. In the 2003 series, he does not own a dog but a chameleon named Carl and is shown to be in The Pet Show. However, Fred's pet changed yet another time when he went to an animal shelter and got a new dog named Taffy in The Berenstain Bears Pet Rescue. Fred is allergic to chocolate as it shows in Papa's Pizza.


Cousin Freddy Bear is one of the most rational cubs of Bear Country School. He likes spending the day with Brother Bear.


Brother Bear:

Both Brother & Cousin Fred were friends a long time ago. When they were both little cubs, they'd play together in the same playpen. In the episode Moving Day, we find out on Brother's first day of school, he and Cousin Fred met on the school bus.

Sister Bear:

He isn't as close with Sister as he is with Brother, but they both get along well.

Leonard ("Lenny") Bearfoot:

Stewart Beary:

Michael Kodiak:

Brother Bear's nextdoor young neighbor of The Kodiak residence.