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Elizabeth "Lizzy" Bruin




Biff Bruin (Father)
Beverly Bruin (Mother)
Barry Bruin (Brother)

First Appearance

The Berenstain Bears and the Trouble with Friends

Voice Actor(s)

Emily Moultrie (1985)
Mona Marshall (1993)
Amanda Soha (2003)

Elizabeth "Lizzy" Bruin is the cute and tomboyish friend of Sister Bear and is often seen hanging out with her. She is the daughter of Dr. Biff and Beverly Bruin, and the younger sister of Barry Bruin.


The young daughter of Dr. Biff & Beverly Bruin. Elizabeth Bruin also known by preference as "Lizzy." The younger sister of Barry Bruin.



Lizzy has a green shirt, blue overalls, blue headband and collar.


Elizabeth "Lizzy" Bruin is one of Sister's best friends. She is very competitive and can be snobbish at times. She plays Bearbie dolls with Sister Bear often. She's a whole month younger than Sister Bear is. She is very friendly, helpful, fun and kind. Lizzy is shown to be generous as she once offered Sister a spare Bearby Doll she had gotten for her birthday.


  • We need something new to do.
  • How can I call that "a high-wire" act?
  • Oh, dear!
  • Life isn't fair.
  • Don't hold your breath, things will have to get pretty stirred up around here first. 
  • If you asked me, recess the best.
  • Maybe you forgot to bring the cards to school this morning, You’re always forgetting stuff. I’ll bet they’re at home lying on top of your dresser.
  • I’m still not sure it happened at all, I’ll bet he just left those cards on his dresser with all the other junk he wants to bring to school and never does.
  • That’ll be easy, tomorrow is the bicentennial, and the teachers’ lounge will be open to the public all day. We can have a look at the document then.