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Pat Lysinger (1979)
Ruth Buzzi (1985)
Lani Minella (1999)
Jodi Carlisle (1999)
Prakash Capen (1999)
Camilla Scott (2003)

Mama Bear is one of the main characters of The Berenstain Bears series. According to Stan Berenstain, Mama is 27 years old. She was voiced by Ruth Buzzi in 1985 TV adaptation of The Berenstain Bears and Camilla Scott in the 2003 adaptation.


Mama is the mother of the Bear family. In her spare time, she likes making quilts, preserves, gardening, and taking care of her family.

Although she's a disciplinarian like Papa, Mama is rather gentle and prefers making peace, but is also very prim and proper. However, like Papa, she is prone to losing her temper on some occasions, such as The Berenstain Bears and the Messy Room, where she threw away Brother and Sister's toys when they piled them into the closet.

When Papa or her cubs break the rules, Mama punishes them by either having them do chores or housework to teach them lessons and the importance of responsibility.

Mama also has a strong dislike for gambling and guns.

Character design

Mama's usual outfit consists of a blue dress with white polka dots, white collar, and a blue duster. In later books she is sometimes shown wearing a purple vest over her dress. When going out, Mama wears a yellow bowler hat with a small daisy on it.

In her animated appearances, the dots on Mama's dress and duster are gone, making her animations simplified.


  • "You'll do no such things!"

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