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Frozen fur balls! Someone-or something-is about to crash the Beartown Winter Carnival!. Could it be Santa? Not even close. Look out, Bear Country, a terrifying ice monster is coming to town!



  1. Grand Marshal Papa
  2. Warning from a Stranger
  3. Great Plans
  4. A Double Mission
  5. A Present for Bigpaw
  6. A Cry for Help
  7. Freezing and Starving
  8. Please, Papa, Have a Heart!
  9. The Crystal Tower
  10. A Message on Snow Mountain
  11. Ralph on Ice
  12. Awfully Early for Screaming and Hollering
  13. The Doomsday Monster
  14. In Bigpaw's Cave
  15. A Big Target
  16. You Win Some, You Lose Some