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The Berenstain Bear Cubs are especially lucky to have Grizzly Gran as their grandmother. Using her magic crystal ball, Grizzly Gran can predict the future! That is, until Ripoff Ralph sets his sights on stealing the magic crystal ball for his own schemes. Can the Bear Scouts put an end to Ralph's shenanigans and make sure the ball remains safe? The Berenstain Bears Chapter Books are the perfect next step for increasingly independent young readers.



  1. The Beginning of a Strange Adventure
  2. "Let's Tell Gramps
  3. The Great Gran: Knows All, Sees All
  4. The Odd Couple
  5. Big News!
  6. A Pink Glow
  7. Big Trouble at Beartown Lanes
  8. Pay Up, or Else!
  9. Pin Boys (and Girls) to the Rescue
  10. A Star Is Born
  11. I've Gotta Have It!
  12. In the Dark of Night
  13. Three Bags Full
  14. The Morning After the Night Before
  15. A Lovely Time Was Had by All