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(Front Cover)


Come for a visit in Bear Country with this classic First Time Book® from Stan and Jan Berenstain. It’s Valentine’s Day and Sister has a special card for a cub named Billy. But when Billy ends up having a special card for Sister, the tables are turned. This beloved story is a perfect way to Celebrate Valentines Day.


  • Sister Bear
  • Brother Bear (🇯🇵Japanese:ブラザー・ベア [Burazā Bea], 🇰🇷Korean/윌리엄:브라자베어 [Beulaja Beeo])
  • Billy Grizzwold (🇯🇵Japanese:ウィリアム["ビリー"]グリズワルド [U~Iriamu {"Birī"} Gurizuwarudo], 🇰🇷Korean:윌리엄 "빌리" 그리즐드 [Willieom "Billi" Geulijeuldeu])
  • Mama Bear
  • Papa Q. Bear
  • Honey Bear