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In this book, Brother and Sister decide they must have some new toys called Beary Bubbies. Papa gives them some money, and soon they have three. But that doesn’t stop them. The cubs soon find they need more. They do chores to earn money, such as cleaning cobwebs, pulling weeds, and sorting trash. Beary Bubbies become such a big hit that Herb’s Hobby Shop runs out. Even Papa enters the toy craze, driving the cubs to the TOYS IZ US store for a big sale on Beary Bubbies and coming home with a car full of them! Eventually, Beary Bubbies are everywhere, such as in cereal boxes, at a meal at the Burger Bear restaurant, or even at a gas station fill-up. Pretty soon, Brother and Sister had hundreds of Beary Bubbies! However, the cubs couldn’t do much with them, and they left everyone thinking what that big, crazy toy craze was about.