Berenstain Bears Wiki


The book tells that many years ago, when Brother Bear was an only child, the bear family lived in a hillside cave halfway up Great Bear Mountain at the far edge of bear country. Prior to their current jobs, the Bears made their living differently. Papa Bear worked as a lumberjack while Mama Bear climbed down a ladder to a ledge on the mountain, where she tended a vegetable garden. The Bear residence was squalid with no electricity, but it was comfortable for the three of them, as evenings were spent knitting, reading or playing cards. The best part of living in the cave for the Bear family was that they had a scenic view of Bear Country from the mountain. One day, Papa announces that the time has come to move. He explains that he is running out of trees on the mountain side and Mama explains that the thin, rocky soil of her ledge makes it tough to cultivate enough vegetables. Brother wonders about this, thinking that while he enjoys the view of Bear Country and everything he does on the mountainside, how will he like living down there, much less leaving his childhood home and all his mountain animal friends?