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Brother is doing a school report about endangered species. Right around the same time, the Bear Family reads an article with Professor Actual Factual showing concern about the current condition of the environment of Bear Country. While Papa thinks the professor is exaggerating a bit, littering, pollution and other environmental factors have indeed become an issue in Bear Country.

Brother and Sister pay Actual Factual a visit at the museum for help on Brother's report. He tells them that with the state of Bear Country's environment, they all will become endangered species. He then takes the two cubs on a tour to prove his point. They see a gas station leaking oil in the creek, a factory emitting black smoke into the air, litter in the Great Bear Lake, and the forest with many trees cut down and not too many planted to replace them.

The cubs invite Actual Factual to come speak to their school, on how be more ecomically and enviromentally friendly. The cubs are able to come up their own ideas, which include getting in touch with local politians, the police force, and local businessmen to come up with others laws and programs to stop littering and polluting, and promote recycling.

Brother and Sister also talk to Papa about his cutting down so many trees, although Papa seems unconcerned. However, he later has a nightmare about trees coming after him that makes him rethink his priorties.

In the end, The Mayor declares a new holiday, EarthShare Day, where Actual Factual leads a peaceful protest march with the cubs, about ending pollution, being more conservationally aware, and caring for the environment. Even Papa joins the protest, remarking how responsible woods bears should plant new trees for the ones they cut.