Berenstain Bears Forget Their Manners

Children's book

The Berenstain Bears Forget Their Manners is a book written by Stan and Jan Berenstain. In this book, the bears learn about how to use proper manners toward others and themselves.


At Cousin Freddie's party, Brother gets Honey Bear a cup of juice, and Too-Tall rudely walks up to her asking if she wanted to dance. Honey was waiting for Brother to get her juice, but Too-Tall rudely drags her with him, and starts dancing crudely in front of her. While dancing, he bumps into Brother, and he tells him to watch where he's going. Too-Tall rudely told him to "shut up". A cub at the punch bowl gets mad at Brother because of Too-Tall. Brother angrily replied back. At the dance, Too-Tall bumps his back into Sister, and she tells him to be careful. Too-Tall responds by blowing a raspberry. The cub that was behind Sister gets mad at her due to Too-Tall's goofiness. Sister tells her to "get lost". Cousin Freddie's mother comes out disliking the way her party is going. Cousin Freddie tells his mother that Too-Tall is the one being rude, and because of him, all the other cubs start being rude to each other. Cousin Freddie's mother has had quite enough of it, so she ends the party, and hands out party favors. When it was Sister's turn to get her party favor, Too-Tall cuts in front of her, and takes everything in the bag. Sister ends up going home with a mustache, and Brother gets an eraser.

On the way out, the cubs go home angrily due to Too-Tall wrecking the party. Cousin Freddie invites them to do something fun, but Brother tells him to "bug off", and Sister blows a raspberry. Papa is sleeping in his hammock, and is woken up by the sound of chirping birds. Brother and Sister come up the curb fighting. On the doorstep, they were fighting to get in. Both of them come in, and Brother slams the front door shut. Mama is in the kitchen cooking, and her food attracts Papa, but the cubs start calling each other names when they heard that dinner was ready. At the dinner table, Mama was getting mad at her cubs for their improper manners. Later during dinner, Sister and Brother start throwing food at each other. Mama was angered at Brother and Sister fighting, so she came up with a chart called the "politeness plan". However, Sister and Brother are infuriated at Mama for "not being fair". Papa perks up at the idea, but he ends up dusting downstairs for interrupting Mama, and when Mama gave him the duster, he didn't say "thank you", and for that, he has to sweep the front steps. Sister wanted to know what a "rude noise" was, Papa demonstrated by blowing a raspberry, and he also has to weed the garden.

Brother and Sister try to be polite toward each other to avoid being penalized. Their plan is going successfully well. Soon enough, when Mama and Papa aren't around, they decide to stop being polite, but Sister realized they were being polite without thinking. Papa, still angry about the chart, decides to tear the whole thing up. He immediately runs back in the house, and Mama, Sister, and Brother stop him because he started losing control over himself. The family then goes out to the supermarket. Papa was excited to be away from the chart, but his fun came to an end when Mama told him that the politeness thing was still in effect. Papa says she was going overboard with the chart thing, but he also added that people need common sense. As they were leaving the supermarket, Papa bumps into another car, and starts calling the driver in front of him names, and for that, he had to clean the whole cellar. The driver gets out of his car, and starts calling Papa names, but Papa said it was stupid of him to bump into him. The driver apologizes to Papa for "stopping short", and they both forget the whole thing. Papa thanks everyone for having good manners.