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Summer has arrived, but there is not much to do now that school is out. All of Brother and Sister's friends have left for vacation. Mama sees an advertisement for a day camp and decides to enroll the cubs, figuring they can make new friends and have outdoor activities. The cubs are somewhat reluctant, but agree to go along with it.

The camp is called "Grizzly Bob's Day Camp", owned and managed by a bear who built the camp on his own land near a lake. The cubs are surprised at being in unfamiliar surroundings, and Grizzly Bob looks nothing like their teachers. The first thing Grizzly Bob does is give each of the cubs name stickers, telling them that they are to learn everyone else's name.

The second thing he does is tell them of the activities they will be doing, which look intimidating to Brother and Sister, but both decide to give them a try when they are available. The third thing Grizzly Bob does is take the cubs on a hike up Spook Hill, which is a large mound overlooking much of Bear Country. It was quite a climb! Once atop Spook Hill, they are shown a place that looks like a human skull, aptly named Skull Rock. When Grizzly Bob says the penultimate day will be night camp as well, in that the cubs will spend the overnight sleeping on Spook Hill, Sister becomes worried, as she never spent any nights away from her family, let alone outdoors.

As the days go on, Brother and Sister learn to appreciate the day camp. Many of the activities there are akin to sports and games they did with their friends, as well as arts and crafts. However, Sister is still nagged by the upcoming campout. When the big day finally arrives, Sister elects to face her fears of being away from home for the first time. As twilight comes, the cubs climb up Spook Hill, which is easier as they are in better shape, and unroll their sleeping bags atop Skull Rock, which offers a splendid view of the natural scenery of Bear Country. Grizzly Bob makes a campfire, then goes into a small cave where he dons an Indian outfit. He tells the cubs a few tales of Indian lore, then they have hot cocoa and fall asleep outdoors.

The final day of camp is a sports festival and awards ceremony with the cubs' families in attendance. Sister made the best beaded belt and Brother comes in second in a foot race, to which Grizzly Bob awards him a red ribbon. Mama and Papa are proud of the cubs, but more glad they made good use of their summer. Sister, who has overcome her fear of camping away from home, says the forthcoming school year can present new challenges she can face.


Differences from the TV Series:

  • The book began with Brother, Sister and their other classmates leaving school and going home on the last day of school, but the TV episode began with Brother and Sister at sitting outside wondering what they can do during the summer.
  • In the book, the bear who ran the camp was named Ted, but in the TV episode, he was named Grizzly Bob.
  • Lizzy does not appear in the book like she did in the TV episode due to the book being published before, "The Trouble with Friends." (The book she was introduced in.)
  • In the book, Sister discovered the outdoor camping trip to Skull Rock on the camp's advertisement paper, but in the TV episode, she discovered they were going on the camping trip to Skull Rock when Grizzly Bob told them they were doing so when they hiked to Spook Hill.
  • The TV episode also centered more on Sister's fear of going on the camping trip, and featured a scene with her and Lizzy going camping outside at home to test for the real Skull Rock camping trip which made Sister more brave, while the book that didn't happen.
  • In the book, Grizzly Bob wore a Native American suit when they were camping at Skull Rock, while in the TV episode he didn't.
  • The book ended with the final day of camp with the sports festival and Sister happy over overcoming her fear of camping outside and was ready to face challenges in the upcoming school year, while the episode ended with the characters going to sleep while camping at Skull Rock.