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The cubs of Bear Country School are in for a real surprise when Squire Grizzly gives each student a computer. With the discovery of the Internet, everyone start to lose focus and forget to do their schoolwork. Teacher Bob struggles to bring the pupils out of cyberspace and back to Bear Town—and teach them the importance of real-life interaction before it’s too late.



  1. An Experiment
  2. Hail the Internet
  3. Rules of the Cyberspace Road
  4. Wall-To-Wall Chat Rooms
  5. Another Co-Inky-Dink
  6. Deep Down Downtown Sensational
  7. Computers -Good News or Bad News?
  8. Babs Is a Hit!
  9. A Stud In His Nose
  10. Cyberspace Emergency
  11. Demand for Money by Threat
  12. Perps in Cyberspace
  13. Bonnie Breaks Down
  14. The End of an Experiment (Final Chapter)