The Berenstain Bears Meet Santa Bear
Author/s Stan and Jan Berenstain
Publisher Random House
Publication date October 12, 1984
Media type Paperback
Pages 32
ISBN 0394868803


Mama becomes very concerned and worried about her cubs' behavior after the cubs are so excited for the new Christmas toys and when the mall is already ready for Christmas two days after Thanksgiving. Papa believes that Mama is over-protective about the cubs' behavior because he believes that Brother and Sister are good cubs but he is wrong because Brother and Sister when they find the toys they saw on television commercials it makes them forget the true meaning of Christmas. Sister Bear becomes more excited about getting to meet Santa Bear, but makes a long list of things she wanted for Christmas. Brother warns her that she's getting greedy; he also tells her that Santa has lots of cubs to think about besides Sister, all the cubs in the world, and she becomes nervous. Sister becomes really nervous as to whether or not she's been good enough for Santa's expectations, recalling incidents from previous books like The Truth or Get In A Fight. Mama Bear and Papa Bear assure her that she doesn't have to worry, as Santa Bear doesn't expect cubs to be perfect. Sister remembers the true meaning of Christmas and doesn't know how Mama and Papa will get their gifts without meeting Santa Bear, but Brother tells her that presents for Mama and Papa was their job and they secretly get money for Christmas shopping the next day. The next day, as Sister Bear visits Santa Bear, he gives her a coloring book, after she told him what she wanted for Christmas and gave him her list, which is a shorter one that she made. Sister and Brother purchase Mama and Papa great gifts afterwards. Sister purchases a cook cook for Mama and Brother purchases a calculator for Papa. On Christmas Eve, Sister asks Papa questions about Santa. Papa tells her that the true meaning of Christmas is giving, and that Santa has an important job. The next day, she and Brother find the things they wanted for Christmas along with Papa and Mama.

Publication history

  • 1984, Random House (Paperback)


  • The Truth or Get In A Fight