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  1. REDIRECT Template:Big Chapter BookThe Berenstain Bears No Girls Allowed is a book published in 1986.


Sister has been participating in the games the boys play. At one time she did poorly, but as of lately she is not only good, she is so skilled she even beat the boys. Rather than being a sore loser, Sister has been a "sore winner", letting the boys know how they cannot compare. Sister's constant gloating about her skills being better annoys Brother and his friends, and they go off on their own. Sister realizes maybe she has been a spoilsport and the boys should enjoy some time without her. However, after a few days, she wonders where everyone went. She looks at the usual hangouts, but sees no one, then goes to the baseball diamond to find it deserted as well. However, in a thicket behind the backstop of the baseball field she hears voices, then goes in and sees the boys working on a clubhouse that looks like a fortress. Sister is impressed, but when Cousin Freddy gives a signal that a "female intruder" is in their midst, all the boys, including Brother, retreat and put up a sign that says "Bear Country Boys' Club, No Girls Allowed".

Sister runs home crying and tells her parents what she did. Papa is enraged and ready to force Brother to admit Sister into his club, but Mama asks both of them to calm down before anything gets done. While she does not condone Brother, Cousin Freddy and the other boys being sore losers, Sister's gloating makes her no better than them.

Mama recommends Sister make her own club, and Papa helps her build a nifty tree fort from surplus lumber. Sister invites all her friends, but when she is ready to paint a "No Boys Allowed" sign, Mama stops her, warning that two wrongs do not make a right. Sister celebrates her new club by holding a barbecue with her friends, and Papa grills a salmon he just caught. The aroma makes its way to the thicket and gets the boys out their clubhouse.

Remembering Mama's earlier lesson, Sister invites the boys to the barbecue. Afterwards, Brother invites the girls to his fortress as there are many wild berries in the thicket, which would make a good dessert. Brother races ahead and presents a new sign he just painted "Bear Country Boys' Club: Girls Welcome!"



  • Moral: Be a good sport. Don't gloat about winning or fuss about losing.