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Too-Tall finds out that Queenie has a crush on someone other than him, he sets out to find him. Along the way, he interrogates every cub he runs into, but they don't know. Only Queenie herself knows. When Too-Tall sees who Queenie's crush is, he's in for the surprise of a lifetime.



  1. Mr. Smock
  2. Q & S
  3. A Snake in the Grass
  4. Too-Tall's Spy
  5. New News Is Bad News
  6. Too-Tall's Great Idea
  7. The First Unveiling
  8. The Opposite Approach
  9. The Second Unveiling
  10. Dinner for Two
  11. Easel Come, Easel Go
  12. The Apology
  13. The Verdict
  14. At Last! Honey Baked Salmon!