The Berenstain Bears and Too Much Pressure
Author/s Stan and Jan Berenstain
Publisher Random House
Publication date November 3, 1992
Media type Paperback
Pages 32
ISBN 0679843906

The Berenstain Bears and Too Much Pressure is the 38th book by Stan and Jan Berenstain. The book features the Bear family in a rush to get things done as quickly as they can, but do so in a hasty manner.

Differences from the cartoon =

Differences from the cartooon


The Bear family is always spending time together, and didn't plan on being too busy. When things got complicated, Mama decides to make a schedule to keep things on track. The following Friday, the family is all busy getting set for their activities until the phone rings. After the cubs get ready, Sister impatiently tells Mama to go get in the car and suggests to drop her off first, but Brother insists,

As Papa works on the car, he sees Mama preparing to drive the cubs off to practice. He tried to tell her, but Mama ignores what he says and races down the street. That night, Brother, Sister, and Papa all have bad dreams regarding their tasks. In the morning, Mama rushes the cubs to the family car and starts it up. The car refuses to do so, and the cubs impatiently tell Mama they're going to be late. Mama then gets out of the car and heads back inside the house crying. Sister went with her while Brother went to find Papa. After arriving back at the house, Brother and Papa find that Mama had stopped crying, and they all have a family meeting. They come up with a better plan to keep their schedules organized so they won't be pressured again.