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“Cubs learn new words every day - including some that they should not say!”
Opening quote for The Berenstain Bears and the Big Blooper

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The Berenstain Bears and the Big Blooper is a book in the First Time Books series. It was later adapted into an animated episode of The Berenstain Bears.


While spending part of her afternoon at her best friend Lizzy Bruin's house, Sister watches a video called Trouble at Big Bear High to keep quiet while Mrs. Bruin is on the phone.

During dinner at the Bear family's house, Sister slips out a bad word that prompts both Mama and Papa to teach her that there are some words that cubs, including adults, should not say.


Sister is in the treehouse one afternoon feeling bored. Lizzy then calls the house and invites Sister over to her house to play dolls. With Mama's permission, Sister gathers some of her dolls and goes over to Lizzy's house. There, the girls pick up where they previously were and get too into character, prompting Mrs. Bruin to tell her daughter and Sister to find something quieter to do. Lizzy suggests watching a video, to which she and Sister head to the family room with their dolls.

Lizzy pulls out the film Trouble at Big Bear High, which her brother Barry rented, and puts it in the TV. As the girls watch the video, Sister whispers some of the words to herself and thinks they sounded good. Once Trouble at Big Bear High ended, Sister and Lizzy play with their dolls once more and ride bikes.

Later that day, Sister gathers her dolls and goes back home to eat dinner with her family. There, she tells them about the video she saw. Brother objected, saying that Trouble at Big Bear High was too old for Sister. She then unintentionally knocks over her glass of milk and spills it all over the table. Angered, Sister says a bad word that shocked the family.

Mama then gives Sister a lecture about why it's never polite to say bad words towards others, no matter how angry or upset someone is. Papa gave some examples, but Mama cuts him off.

At bed that night, Mama reminds Sister that saying bad words are an easy way to get attention and using them after a while becomes a bad habit. Before Sister could answer Mama's question, she is already asleep.

Publication history

  • 2000 (Paperback)