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“When making friends, the cub who's wise is the cub who learns to compromise.”
Opening quote for The Berenstain Bears and the Trouble with Friends

The Berenstain Bears and the Trouble with Friends is a book that is published by January 12, 1987.


One day in Bear Country Brother and Sister Bear decide to think of something fun to do when Sister decides that they should have a tea party with her dolls and stuffed animals to which she goes into her room and brings her dolls and stuffed animals out to a tree stump and sits them down and tells Brother to sit on one side and be the papa and she'll sit on the other side and be the mama to which it shows that Sister can sometimes be bossy and braggy.

Brother tells Sister that boys don't play tea party and that if Cousin Fred or any of the other boys would see him he'd never hear the end of it and tells Sister to find another girl to play tea party with because he has a date to go skateboarding with Fred and skates off. Sister decides to practice some jump rope and Mama and Papa watch from the living room window to which Mama wishes that Sister had a cub friend her own age since all her school friends live far away and then Mama notices a moving




  • This marks the first appearance of Lizzy.