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Too-Tall Grizzly






Two-Ton Grizzly (father)
Too-Too Grizzly (mother)
Too-Much Grizzly (sister)

Voice Actor(s)

Brian Cummings (speaking; 1985)
Don Messick (speaking; 1959-2001)
Gage Knox (speaking; 2002-present)
Knowl Johnson (singing)

Too-Tall Grizzly is a recurring antagonist in the books and the 1985 and 2003 TV series. He is a head taller than all of the kids because he has been held back twice. Too-Tall and his gang abuse the less popular bears and harass new kids. His first appearance was in the book "Papa's Pizza" in 1978. He appeared in both the 1985 cartoon, and the 2003 cartoon, as well as some of the books. Queenie McBear is his on-and-off girlfriend.


Too-Tall, and his intimidating allies (Skuzz, Smirk, & Vinnie, ) formed a gang and torture the local cubs. Too-tall has been involved in smoking and drug dealing. Brother Bear, Milton Chub, & Bertha Broom are the only cubs ready to stand up to him.


In the 1985 cartoon, Too-Tall is shown to be cynical, offensive, ill-behaved, and unpleasant as a bully. Like in the books, he is bigger than the other cubs in his class, though still the same age. This time though, Too-Tall is drastically taller than portrayed in the books and leads an entirely different gang. He is also much less frequently acknowledged as an antagonist and will be ready to fix his mistakes, and cackle at himself every once in a while.

In the 2003 cartoon, Too-Tall's appearance, outfit, and gang of friends is the same as in the book (although the unnamed gang member is absent and Vinnie is only seen occasionally with no lines). Too-Tall's personality is also more ironical, but still at times shrewd, naughty, and smart-alecky. He is shown to be friends with the protagonists, and will apologize for his behavior every now and then.


(2003 cartoon and books) Purple cap, long sleeved shirt with yellow and red stripes, gray pants. (1985 cartoon) Light purple cap and pants, pale yellow shirt, large belly sticking out from under it.

Too-Tall Gang:

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