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Tuffy first appeared in The Berenstain Bears and the Bully. She is shown to be extremely aggressive and beats Sister up on the playground while Sister's friends watch in dismay.

She attempted to fight Sister a second time when Sister caught her throwing rocks at a baby bird that was unable to fly, but Sister had learned some self-defense from Brother and managed to beat Tuffy by hitting her square on the nose (causing it to bleed).

Their fight is witnessed by a recess monitor, who takes them to the principal's office -- while waiting outside Mr. Honeycomb's office, Tuffy starts crying, which confuses Sister. Upon being questioned by Sister, Tuffy confesses that she's really worried about how her parents will react if/when they find out about what happened. As they talk further, Tuffy explains to Sister that if her parents do end up finding out about what happened, [Tuffy] won't be able to sit down for a long time. Hearing this, Sister deduces that Tuffy must have a rough home life, which in turn could be (at least part of) the reason why Tuffy's a bully.

In the end, a second recess monitor who happened to witness Sister and Tuffy's fight comes in and reveals to the principal that Sister was just trying to defend a little bird that Tuffy was hurting and then herself when Tuffy decided to attack her in retaliation. After hearing this, Mr. Honeycomb decides on this:

  • Sister's ultimately let off with a warning.
  • While Mr. Honeycomb doesn't call Tuffy's parents about what happened, she's forced to serve a week's worth recess-detentions -- Tuffy also ends up having to see the school counselor for quite some time.