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Gengarbarian Gengarbarian 5 November 2021

New Wallpaper for the Wiki

Hello Everyone!

As you may have noticed, the wiki's background has changed. The image that is currently displaying is the "Fall" image. I have obtained four different images, and plan to rotate through them according to the current season.

Let me know if you have any comments or suggestions regarding this change.

(The images are all from The Bears' Activity Book if you were wondering.)

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Gengarbarian Gengarbarian 26 February 2021

Berenstain Bears Wiki Rules Page

The rules page has been updated! Make sure to check it out so you stay up-to-date with the Wikis rules. Berenstain Bears Wiki:Rules | Berenstain Bears Wiki | Fandom

If you have any comments or suggestions, make sure to post them down below.

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Gengarbarian Gengarbarian 8 October 2020

Proposition 1 Deleting Quotes

Hello everyone!

Today I am announcing my proposition to delete quote pages as well as quote sections for characters.

For those who use our wiki to look up information about the Berenstain Bears, it is my opinion that quotes are essentially useless as most quote pages are just a list of every sentence spoken by every character in a book. 

Before making a big change like this this, I wanted to ask the community about what they thought.

Voting will take place in the comments down below and will end the following thursday. 

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Gengarbarian Gengarbarian 3 September 2020

I am running for Admin of the Berenstain Bears Wiki

Hello everyone! Today I'm annnouncing my plan to run for Admin of the Berenstain Bear's Wiki. I have big plans to update, edit, and improve the overall look as well as the many pages that make up this great site. Below I have a list of changes that will be made.

1: A complete renovation of the home page including Berenstain Bears background art and an organized layout.

2: Users posting abusive content and fake information will be blocked if they do not respond to requests to stop.

3: I will post a basic guidline on page uniformality to keep the wiki looking clean. (The community can comment on what this should look like.)

Let me know in the comments down beow if you support my run for Admin or have questions, comments, or concerns. And lastly …

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Gengarbarian Gengarbarian 15 July 2020

Editing update

The all character list is now in alphabetical order! When adding new characters please keep this in mind and put them in their proper place.

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